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We work at being at home; our home works for our family. We are regular; regular seems rare. I try to look at the stars like my mother does each night -- proof we are all under the same sky.

Monday, August 08, 2005

Things to Do

Early morning: make sure Isaac is on bus, work out, write
11:00 am - my haircut
12 noon - Pizza Hut buffet with boys
1:00 pm - Kevin, Patrick, Nick haircuts, then library

Also, get hand-outs copied for Homeschool Day; get new calendar
Plan logistics for getting Isaac to Exchange Student Orientation Friday while I'm away
Double-check flight schedule for Friday
Oil changed in car
Plan, buy groceries for and cook dinner
Take Isaac for haircut after school, depending on bus arrival in afternoon
Take Kevin to drop off job application at coffee shop
Remind Kevin to call park ranger re Eagle project signature
Change ink cartridges

Patrick's soccer practice 7:30 pm; leave here 7:00 pm
Kevin martial arts 5:30 pm

Longer term
Remember to pay university for Patrick's guitar lessons
Call piano teacher re August for Kevin's lessons
Talk to sensei re upcoming martial arts tournament
Nick's soccer Thursday night
Remind Rick he'll be doing two soccer practice pick-ups Sat., plus picking up Isaac from Exchange Student orientation Saturday
Look into Grand Canyon trip for scouts
Get desk for Kevin/Isaac
Consider cub scouts for Nick
Find computer geek to help Patrick with building computer
Get more advanced algebra book
Promote Not Back To School Yard Party for Midsouth Homeschoolers (Newsletter?)

Now I'm thinking about the letters to write, the painting that needs to be done, school materials, and am pretty well set for a bout of insomnia.


Anonymous suev said...

Hi honey. This is the first blog I've ever read. Unfortunately I read it chronologically backwards, but it still worked.

How old is Isaac?


9:08 AM  
Blogger Gem said...

Just found your blog, via . . . Oh, I dont' remember whom, another homeschool blogger. Your life is such an adventure! We are just beggining the homeschool journey, I'm hoping ours isn't so busy for now, lol!

6:37 AM  
Anonymous EXPTUPNN said...

bass guitar music read sheet.

As an ear player, I never ever thought that I could ever learn bass guitar music read sheet.

The breakthrough insight was in realising that talking rhythm made reading rhythm so much easier.

8:42 PM  
Anonymous UGLJVBEJ said...

guitar music read.

When I first saw a 12 year old friend make great music---seemingly out of thin air!---
with just a guitar and a piece of paper with some music notes squiggled on the page, I
was ... hooked.

I had to know: How do you DO that?

It took me nearly another 20 years to guitar music read

Boy! It can take you way less than 20 hours now!

8:23 AM  
Anonymous Guitars said...

Like your blog. Found it searching for like minded souls out there.
All blessings,

3:54 PM  
Anonymous Guitar Lessons said...

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